January New Moon – 2nd January 2022 6.33PM GMT

Happy New Year! This new moon marks the energetic start of 2022. It is in Capricorn, so money, finances and legacies are all highlighted this month. There is also a wonderful trine from Uranus in Taurus to the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, giving this energy a powerful boost, so new ways of making money and using money are highlighted. This has the potential to be a prosperous month, which is welcome news as many of us can find January a tough month after the excess of Yule. The proximity of Venus to the new moon emphasises the harmonious and abundant aspects of the Uranus trine, as she is the ruler of Taurus and likes material comfort and luxury – so there’s an easier month ahead money-wise for many of us.

Pluto makes a trine to the north node, which has now moved into Taurus. Considering current events, this is a positive sign. Taurus is about business and work, so it suggests that whatever noises are made in the mainstream media, the economy will get going because Taurus does not like to be idle where money is concerned. This placement will last for 18 months, so 2022 will be a good year to start a new business if you are so inclined – especially doing something a bit out of the ordinary (Uranus in Taurus), as the conditions are favourable for it. Over the next 18 months, it will be interesting to see if we have new small business springing up that are either quite niche or very new in the goods and services they provide, as that is also indicated. Pluto making a trine to the north node also supports this, as when Pluto is positively aspected it signals regeneration energy, so it’s another very positive sign. Mercury has just scraped into Aquarius, making a trine to the north node, adding innovation and freshness to new businesses that will emerge. However, Mercury goes retrograde on January 14th, so we can expect the usual issues with communication and technology.

Saturn is sextile Mars, which is a helpful aspect as it adds a certain dynamism to getting things done. Saturn/Mars energy can be quite difficult when it is poorly aspected but here it means it will be easy this month to act on long-term goals and get stuff done. This is the perfect energy backdrop for any New Year’s Resolutions you may want to make. This aspect will be moving off soon though, so don’t hang about if you wish to use it in this way.

Mars in Sagittarius also makes a wide square to Neptune in Pisces at present, which will come to fruition on January 11th. This denotes behind-the-scenes-type action of the hidden hand variety and suggests deception, trickery and lack of honesty. Expect this aspect to be exploited this month and used to confuse and worry people. It also suggests there will be either some anger bubbling up to things being reported around that time, or some draconian outward measure announced, or both. One thing we can be clear about is that we will not be getting the full picture of whatever occurs around that time, so be aware. However, Neptune also makes a lovely aspect to Pluto and Venus, which will soften the edges of this time.

Finally, Jupiter has moved into Pisces, signifying spiritual growth will be on the menu this year. Jupiter rules Pisces in traditional astrology so is very at home and comfortable here. Jupiter makes a square to the north node, indicating that there will be some tough spiritual lessons to learn this year, probably around money, but on a more esoteric level about what we value, what is important to us. If our everyday lives do not reflect our outer values, then we can expect pressure to be exerted until they come into resonance. We are being asked to change, grow and to live and embody our beliefs this year. That will be easier for some of us than others. That is the message of 2022.

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