Winter Solstice 2021 – 21st December 2021 15:59 GMT.

This Winter Solstice is absolutely action-packed astrologically. The Moon is the planet to watch this time around as it is an outlier and in its home sign of Cancer. This reiterates the need over the winter to develop our intuitions and pay attention to things like our dreams and instincts, as these will help us navigate the very turbulent waters of the next three months.

The Moon forms a yod, or ‘finger of God’, with Jupiter in late Aquarius and the Sun just at the end of Sagittarius. This can be a wonderful aspect and highlights growth, future ideals, optimism and the future in general. It’s an aspect open to being manipulated, as the dark forces will be using these energies to implement their vision of the future. Honestly, the best thing to do is just to ignore as much as possible their intentions and visions, and keep visioning and enacting how you want your future to be. Their visions becoming reality relies on us feeding the beast, literally and figuratively – it’s time to starve them out as there is a lot of power on the side of the everyman this next quarter, as there are so many planets in Uranus. We just have to learn to begin using astrological energies to our advantage.

In the middle of this yod, forming a ‘boomerang’, is the Pluto/Venus conjunction, which in Capricorn is about money, legacies and financial systems. So, we can expect to see some turbulence with our financial systems this quarter but as this is contained by Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon, I would suggest that this will be a positive thing. The Sun will also move into a trine of the North Node this quarter, again suggesting that any turbulence will be positive. There is a lot of opportunity to make money around this new shift. I am no financial adviser but alternative systems of finance and investing look like they are going to get stronger and more prominent over the next year. Venus is retrograde at present and will be exact with Pluto again on Christmas Day and then on 3rd March, so this influence will last for quite a while, so prepare accordingly.

This quarter sees the USA experience its first Pluto return on 20th February 2022 (note all the number 2s involved in that date). It will be in the same position it was when the Declaration of Independence was signed, so we are looking at events of that kind of magnitude happening in the US during 2022. The country will undergo a death and regeneration of some kind, or we will see the beginnings of it. Due to the influence of the USA, this will also have a knock-on effect for the entire world, the Anglosphere in particular, and especially the UK, given the way that the USA was established, as well as the rest of the Anglosphere.

Mars has been hovering around the South Node this month, meaning old conflicts, old wounds and old flames can be making themselves known. With Mars being in Sagittarius, this means things can blow up and blow themselves out very quickly, so there may be tension around your Saturnalia table. On a mundane level it could also mean more restrictions are planned around this time as it makes an aspect to Chiron, which indicates wounding. Mars also passes over the degree of the last eclipse on the 28/29th of this month, which could be an important date as things from that time, which were hidden due to the eclipse, come to light under Mars’s activation, so be aware of that date.

Mercury and Uranus are making a very positive aspect to each other, which is another very encouraging sign that things are going to change significantly next year. It is almost as if we have come to a fork in the road this Solstice and we can choose either the futuristic growth of Mercury and Uranus, who signify ideas, inventions, genius, thought processes and messages, or the restrictive energy of the deep state embodied by Mars and Chiron. There will be attempts made at more restrictions, but they look as if ultimately they will be unsuccessful, as Mercury and Uranus are air signs and are difficult to pin down. Air energy is in the ascendency after last year’s Winter Solstice and the shift of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions to air from earth. We will see this influence increase this year.

Finally, the Uranus/ Saturn square is ongoing this quarter and will be exact on Christmas Eve, so watch out for this date as a potential date for more restrictions/shenanigans. The square signifies the push/pull between people wanting freedom from restriction and those wanting to use new and innovative ways to control us. The Uranus energy has the upper hand this Solstice, and it is possible that although the control measures will increase and tighten, so will the pushback. It is not easy to control Uranian energy for very long, as it has a lifeforce of its own and does want it wants. It is like lightning and is more likely to burn and maim those who seek dominance over it. The best thing to do is let it flow through and rejuvenate in its own way.

There are some very important dates over the Solstice which could be used to implement fear, despair and frustration. It can be hard but the way through this is to throw yourselves into our ancient tradition with wild abandon and celebrate the return of the light, the new growth promised, the light to come. Keep this in mind over these sacred days and enjoy the time with your loved ones, however you are celebrating. I will be posting a new reading early in the new year for the next new moon reading.

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