Libra Full Moon Saturday 16th April 07:55 PM GMT

This full moon represents the Easter/Eoestre full moon and is the true day of this ancient festival, as celebrated by our ancestors. It gives us a brief glimpse into the power of the lunar/solar calendar that was used to determine our oldest celebrations. Today, they are determined by the passage of the Sun alone, but Easter and the festivals that come subsequently afterwards, such as Whitsun in the Christian calendar, are determined by the cycles of both the Moon and the Sun – making them much more powerful dates to celebrate the passing of the year, as the feminine and masculine energies are present and at their maximum power for that time.

These cycles of time and calendars are much more important than we give credit for. A good example of this is from Dark Age Britain. The dating of Easter was a huge bone of contention between the Celtic Church in northern Britain, which was heavily influenced by the Celtic Church in Ireland, and the more Romanised church in the south. The south won out in the end, after much diplomatic and political pressure over the more independent north, but it does demonstrate that control of how we measure and set time has always been fought over. How powerful is the annual renewal of life if we are always acknowledging it on the wrong day?

Anyway, this full moon is in Libra, so we are reminded of balance, integration and relationships – including with ourselves. This full moon is the halfway point between the new moon on the 1st of the month and the next new moon, on the 30th, making this a black moon month. Black moon months are always about introspection and rumination. It’s not a time to be active in the world. This full moon represents the integration of the everything gleaned from the past new moon, and also the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction. This moon is the emergence point, where we slowly begin to come out of solitude and intergrate those insights, especially regarding our relationships with others, into our day to day lives. The Moon and Sun make a hard T-square to Pluto in Capricorn, symbolising deep transformation on how we do things, how we act in the world – as this is a Cardinal T-square so how we initiate change, how we take action in the world, is being affected. Keeping our emotions and intuitions balanced and underpinned by logic is the way to approach this T-square if it is throwing up challenges for you.

The Moon is making a trine to Saturn in late Aquarius and a weak connection to Mars, who just tips into Pisces. For many, there will be lots of ideas being mulled over and exchanged, but action may not happen just yet, as Mars is in Pisces – which indicates further reflection before action occurs. This is also indicated by the square Saturn makes with the north node in Taurus. Taurus likes to get on with projects, to get to work and start manifesting. It’s going to be difficult for people to get things off the ground just yet, which will feel weird for many, as spring marks the time to commence new projects. However, this is in the spirit of this time, as it is a Black Moon month. On the global stage, this is probably a good thing as Mars in Pisces usually means a softening of harsh stances. We may therefore see some relief in areas of conflict, especially given that Libra is a sign of negotiation and diplomacy. Venus, ruler of Libra, is also in Pisces, which makes this more likely.

Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are all in Pisces and make some harmonious aspects to Uranus and Mercury in Taurus. This tells me that, although this may not be a good time of year to start doing, it is an excellent time to start planning, as not only is it really easy to get in touch with our deepest desires and dreams at present, but with the support of Mercury and Uranus in Taurus it is easy to start working out a strategy for making those things manifest. The proximity of Uranus and Mercury to the north node, which shows the advised direction of travel by the heavens, also indicates that this is a good plan for us to follow now.

Jupiter and Neptune make a stressful aspect to the Moon, which indicates the tendency for self-delusion as well as unchecked financial growth, so we may see the markets flutter accordingly this weekend. The Moon is moving into a more harmonious aspect with Jupiter and Neptune though, so keep an eye on the purse strings this weekend.

In the main, this is a very positive Full Moon with a really dynamic mix of energies occurring. Technically, it is not a Supermoon, but due to it being very pink (it is known as Pink Moon sometimes) it will feel like one. If you manage to catch the Pink Moon, it promises to be a lovely spectacle to behold.

I will back on the 30th April, the Black Moon and partial eclipse which begins the eclipse season of 2022. Have a blessed weekend, however you are celebrating this ancient festival of renewal and liberation.

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