Taurus New Moon 23rd April 2020 3:25am GMT

Holly Hazeltree

In many ways, the energy of this new moon echoes that of the last full moon. The planets are still largely clustered together in a bowl formation – of which more later – and the Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction dominates (I am writing a separate article about that). However, there are a couple of important takeaways from this new moon reading, which give us a good indication of future trends that are developing. So, in this reading I will be focusing on those too.

The Sun, Moon and Uranus form a stellium in early Taurus on the 3rd house cusp. The 2nd house itself is intercepted. This year, there have been many intercepted and duplicated houses at new/full moons as well as the solstices and equinoxes. This in itself is an indication that great changes are afoot and we are going through a period of balance and restructure.

As these planets are on the 3rd house cusp, I am predicting that by the end of next month, by the next new moon, we will have seen a major shift in some way, in the form of either the current lockdown ending in most countries or some sort of revelation event about the truth behind the Covid-19 crisis. I suspect it will be the former and although there will be resistance from the various governments of the world, the people will push this forward and make any further attempts at lockdown unworkable.

This early Taurean stellium, in the intercepted 2nd house, shows just how much the economy and businesses have been affected, and how people are concerned by this. Mercury and Chiron, which are deep in the 2nd house, but in Aries, also reflect this concern. This is a priority in most people’s minds and they are very worried by it. Mercury and Chiron in Aries also represent the stress a lot of people are experiencing by being cut off, not only from loved ones but human interaction in general. This seems to be hitting the sociable and passionate Arians the most but I would argue probably all fire and air signs (with Mercury being in Aries) as well as chatty Virgos are missing the rhythm and swing of ordinary life. As the Sun and Moon progress into the 3rd house, which will take until around the next full moon on May 7th, we will begin to see some movement – literally.

The suppression is coming from the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction I touched on in my last reading. There is too much to say about it to give it justice here but suffice to say that as the planets are in the 12th house, which is a house of hidden and secret things, there is a LOT going on behind the scenes that we are being left completely in the dark about. This conjunction represents the clearing of old energies and the transformation of structures into new ones. Although positive in the long-term, such transformation can be very gruelling and painful in the short-term – that is what we are experiencing now.

The positive indications from this reading are like green shoots poking through the dark mud of winter and although they are new and weak now, they are good indications of our direction of travel going forward. The planets at the moment are bunched into a bowl, which means they are only active in roughly one quarter of the chart, and have been this way for a number of months. This bowl formation is acting like a crucible in which all of us are being fired and transformed – and the effects of it will last for the rest of 2020.

Venus is in Gemini in the 4th House, representing home and family, and is trining Mars in Aquarius on the ascendant. I believe the use of technology has come of age now and people have relied on this to keep in touch with loved ones and also to work. It is going to be a lot harder to tempt people back into the office full-time, as many are realising now that a lot of work can be done from home. This may be a double-edged sword for some who enjoy the social aspect of working in an office but I expect we will see increasing numbers of people begin to work from home, or only part-time at the office, in the years to come.

This has a knock-on effect for education too. The north node is in Cancer, 5th house. The 5th house is about creativity and children. This indicates many children are really enjoying being at home with their parents, their mothers in particular, and many parents will be thinking differently about schooling. Again, I’m not saying it will be the complete demise of schools overnight but we can expect to see different approaches develop that do not follow the very institutionalised model we have now.

Finally, I’ll give the last word to Neptune. He is still in Pisces near the 2nd house cusp, which is about manifestation. He is the only planet in a water sign in this chart and as he is in his home sign of Pisces, that increases his power. There are lots of undercurrents of emotion around this whole crisis at the moment, much of them being whipped up by the mainstream media to put us into a fear frenzy, as we can sense the turbulence of what is going on stage-left with the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction. Whatever is going on, allowing the deep emotions of Neptune to sway us into fear and panic will be used for nefarious purposes and to keep up us under excessive control. At this time, it is imperative that while we remain aware of the dangers on all levels of what is happening, we focus on the positive and refuse to get dragged into fear. I hate to sound all New Age about this but our collective energy is a powerful force that has been manipulated for millennia. The coming of age of the internet and digital technology is providing us with knowledge that we can use to craft a way out of this abuse of power. One way is to focus on the opportunities it is giving us for reclaiming some of our time and putting it to positive use, such as spending more time with our children, learning new skills or rediscovering old ones and allowing the beautiful inner peace that can come from Neptune to flow through us, helping to neutralise the power of Saturn and Pluto.

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