Pisces full moon 2nd September 2020 06:22 G.M.T

The Sun is rising at this full moon, so our relationships with our own physical health and life force are demanding our attention. Obviously, given the current pandemic situation, this is the most likely arena for such issues to be playing out for most people – how we manage our life force, how we organise our own personal energies will come to the fore over the next couple of weeks.

The Moon is highlighting the importance of relationships this full moon. We are being nudged to really start taking care of ourselves now, before we can think of others, so some time spent re-evaluating relationships over the next fortnight is well spent. Take note of any deep emotions that come to the surface now, as by the next new moon (in more logical Virgo) a way through any emotional quagmires should be clearer.

Uranus makes harmonious aspects to both the Sun and the Moon, once again indicating that it is a favourable climate generally to cultivate any ideas for alternative streams of income/living should be – although how able you are to do this will depend upon your natal chart.

The Capricorn stellium is squatting in the 5th house and is attempting to dampen the burgeoning atmosphere of creativity and emergence from lockdown through using fear and manipulation of information as indicated by the supportive aspects this stellium makes to Mercury and Neptune. As I have said previously, this stellium represents the globalists who you can bet the farm are milking these positive aspects for all they are worth. Mercury rules communication and media and Neptune can indicate confusion and deception. Neptune has been making a supportive aspect to the Capricorn stellium all year.

Mars and Venus make a challenging aspect to each other and the Capricorn stellium. This indicates that there is some sort of rift in the collective of people wanting healing and people wanting vengeance against the globalists. This rift is being exploited by them, but balance and integration of both aspects is key. This applies in our personal lives too. We have every right to protect ourselves and demand justice, but we also must acknowledge what leads us into difficult situations in the first place for true healing. The microcosm flows into the macrocosm. If we have weak boundaries and energies in our personal lives, then this will become the reality for other aspects of our lives too – our relationships with employers, governments, our relations with other nations, are just a few examples. Getting into balance on all areas of life is a strongly indicated this full moon, as well as keeping your energy close to home and focusing on those that matter most to you.

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