Taurus New Moon Tuesday 11th May 2021 7:59PM G.M.T

By Holly Hazeltree.

This is a very hopeful and promising new moon. Firstly, Scorpio, the sign of transformation and healing, is in the ascendant. The energies of release and change are prominent this month and the Part of Fortune in this spot denotes that embracing these transformational energies, rather than trying to resist them, will be the most beneficial.

The Moon and Sun are both in an area of the chart that pertain to partnerships of all kinds – romantic as well as business – and relationships with others. This month is a great opportunity to kick back a bit, in true Venusian fashion, and take stock of and mull over our finances, relationships and anything in our lives that we truly value and consider as part of our wealth. It’s not a time for rushing into things or making hasty decisions; slow and relaxed deliberation is the energy of this month.

There are two dominant energies around this month, so I’m going to outline both of them, as there are lots of positive aspects to take advantage of, if you know where to look. The Moon and Sun make a really supportive aspect to Neptune. Neptune is in an area of the chart denoting home and family, and suggests that when taking stock of your finances and relationships this month, you should really let your imagination flow on how you can arrange your work life so that you can prioritise or rebalance your work/home pattern in some way. This placement suggests this is on the minds of many right now, with a lot of people re-imagining their home lives in some way or thinking of moving.

This work/home life balance issue is also indicated by Mars in Cancer, the sign of the home and hearth. Mars makes a supportive aspect to Uranus is Taurus, suggesting that new opportunities and transformation are occurring for many in terms of their working practices, plus travel/commuting. So, if you have any ideas about starting something from home, an opportunity to work from home or any other way of rejigging your work-life balance, now is generally a good month to do so (obviously, a lot depends upon the chart of each individual).

Mercury is at home in clever Gemini and is together with the North Node, so there will be a lot of ideas around this month. It is the eighth house of death, sex and rejuvenation. It can be quite a dreaded house as it can often be regarded as a refuse bin of sorts, a bit like the 12th house. However, it is worth remembering that in our old mythologies the Underworld represented the start of life as well as the end of it. New seeds are forming in the collective and catching on to new ideas, and developing them is well favoured. As the eighth house rules other people’s money and investments, as well as sex and death, it’s a good month to investigate making money from new revenue streams, or to begin establishing this, as Mercury makes a very positive aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, which is about shaking up the financial system for the next couple of years.

Saturn makes a difficult contact with Uranus in Taurus. It’s easy to talk about “embracing change” but for many this is not easy due to personality and/or circumstances. The ever-increasing uncertainty and unpredictability around old forms of employment is stressful to, and hard on, the physical and mental health of many. This is further indicated by Mars making a difficult aspect to Chiron in the house of creativity and children, which denotes that for many, change will feel stressful and difficult, as fulfilling their responsibilities will be paramount. Venus and Jupiter are also square, showing that there is a tension between where people feel they can grow and feeling like they have to perform a certain role and be responsible. All these squares show that many are reconsidering how they want their family lives to look like and place more of a priority on their children and families. This is a good thing. It looks like the only way to ride this wave well is to really begin to embrace the shake-up and transformation occurring to old ways of doing things, such as the way we work and gain money. We are going through a period of great and necessary change – and will continue to do so. I believe we are being offered a way out of the wage slavery that many of us have decried for so long, but it will involve being courageous, developing new things for ourselves and relating to the world in a new way. Obviously, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there is room for a lot of overlap, but the sooner we can start developing this, the more prosperous we will be.

It’s worth pointing out that difficult aspects, and squares in particular are often dreaded, and yes, they can be difficult, but they often have the most to teach us in the long run. Only with resistance and pressure can we build strength – this is what squares are about. The harmonious aspects of the trines and sextiles are the gifts from the gods, the things we find easy. The squares and oppositions are our own mini-versions of the hero’s journey or sacred quest that we have to resolve in this lifetime – the harmonious aspects are the tools we have to do it with. Familiarising ourselves with the energies of both is the way forward.

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