Virgo Full Moon 18th March 2022 07:17 AM GMT

The full moon in Virgo represents a special time as it is usually the last full Moon before the Spring Equinox. As the goddess of the harvest, Virgo/Demeter represents a great rounding up of everything that has gone by in the last twelve months, before the next growing period can really get underway at the Spring Equinox. It’s a good time, and the last chance to give the last solar year a review and to consider what worked in your life, what didn’t, what you have harvested, and release all that needs to be released so that new growth can come.

This Virgo full moon there is a great Earth trine between Pluto in Capricorn, north node in Taurus and the moon in Virgo. On the world stage this suggests a time of great change and transformation, and with the North Node in on the action, it reminds us that this transformation is destined to occur for our own good, in the long run. For our everyday lives our psychic impressions will be heightened and it will much easier to detect truth from fiction. This trine also implies that this kind of skill is something that will become more noticeable in everyday folk. There will also be a lot of practical change with this transformation, such as how we live our day to day lives – as they are ruled by Earth. This may be disruptive at first, but as this energy is in a trine, the edges are softened considerably. In the long run it will be for our betterment, although it may not feel that way for many, particularly to begin with.

The Sun is in late Pisces and there is lots of activity in Pisces, so being creative and dreamy is beneficial, and something to tap into but be careful not to get too carried away. On the world stage it indicates that the fog of war and disinformation is particularly strong right now, which it has been on and off for quite a while now, due to Neptune transiting its home sign of Pisces. It is very important to stay grounded at the moment. Dig into that Virgo practicality and realise that some things (ok, many things) it is virtually impossible to verify the truth of at this time. The Moon in Virgo is about details and the immediate, look at the details of your life, have a clear out, get organised for the change of season ahead. Concentrate on what you can personally control and no more (Virgo is always very efficient) as currently there is a huge potential around for lots of manipulation and lies .

Mars and Venus are conjunct and make a hard square to Uranus, so there is still fighting energy going on and Saturn nearby implies stubbornness and intractability as well. There is lots of change going on behind the scenes about money and technology. To me this signifies crypto and other financial issues. There will be a push/pull effect with crypto across the world with many countries trying to heavily regulate it and others who will be going all in on it, so there is a potential for confusion and lots of unpredictability in the financial markets.

I will be back in a couple of days for the Spring Equinox, and I will go into some thorough detail about upcoming astrological dates, including the hotly anticipated Jupiter conjunct Neptune. All in all, although there may be a lot of change and uncertainty in the world, Virgo urges us to take control of this by keeping our own home and hearth front and centre, to get organised and to get our houses in order. This helps us to ride the waves of transformation with clarity and confidence.

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