Spring Equinox reading Sunday 20th March 2022 3:33PM GMT

The Spring Equinox is here, and so is the beginning of new life and growth for the year ahead. Over the Equinox itself the Moon will be very active as it forms a strong aspect to the Sun that can be challenging, but as the direction of the aspect is from stressful to harmonious it suggests that the next three months will begin with conflict and difficulty, which will ease up as we get closer to the Summer Solstice. The Moon is just entering into Scorpio, whilst the Sun processes into Aries. The Moon in Scorpio denotes strong hidden emotions and secrets, whilst the Sun in Aries is about strong ego and sense of self. The Moon is also making a square to Pluto, which also tells of deep emotions and hidden eruptions. So, we can expect more difficult truths to emerge this next quarter which will affect how we see ourselves, who we think we are and what we think we know. Pluto makes a harmonious aspect to the Sun, strengthening the warrior energy and giving great reserves of fortitude and resolve, so we will be able to withstand a lot of pressure whatever happens, which is a great blessing.

Mars, Venus and Saturn form a stellium in Aquarius and are making a hard square (Mars and Venus in particular) to Uranus in Taurus, so this is about the difficulties with rising inflation and cost of living increases. This quarter we can expect material challenges, things such as disruption of supply chains and difficulties getting hold of certain items that we take for granted. However, the more positive side of this is that this aspect is pushing us to be more creative and dynamic in how we make our day to day living and to explore alternative avenues of supplying our material needs. We’re not here to work a 35hr week and then Netflix and chill every night until we die. We’re here to develop our virtues and wisdom, and we’re being provided with some conditions in real time as to how to do that, difficult though it may be.

The North Node continues its trine to Pluto, which, as I said in the Full Moon reading, is about transformation that is destined to be. As both are in earth signs it denotes our relationship with the material is what is slated to change. Pluto changes can be very intense and trying, but ultimately we learn some of the best and most needed lessons from them.

The North Node is also sextile Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune, which denotes that where we have to look for transformation is in our spiritual growth and communications. We have to develop meaning in our lives again, we have to find our animus as our material lives have become dull, boring and overly controlled for the most part.

I want to highlight some upcoming dates over the next three months to look out for. Firstly, I want to discuss the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, which will be in an exact square again on 5th April. This has been a very hard aspect, as it has been going on for some time now, but this time Mars will be getting in on the action too, so things may get fiery. It’s already beginning to build up again, and will peak on the 5th, so expect things like restrictions, tense geopolitical situations or financial market upsets around this time. It will ease off from then though for a while. It’s worth taking note if you have any planets or placements between the middle decades (10-20 degrees) of either Taurus or Aquarius, as they will be activated by this square.

April will also see the hotly anticipated Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in dreamy Pisces. This aspect will begin to be felt from about the end of March, even though it’s only active from the 8th-12th. It will provide a much-needed relief after all the Saturn/Uranus shenanigans. This is an opportunity for spiritual and divine contemplation and expansion. It is a great time to schedule some sort of retreat or time out to devote solely to mystical experience and reverence, if possible. This open access to the divine is further enhanced by the fact that it is a Black Moon month next month, which means there will be two new moons. The potential for new growth and strengthening inner visions is exceptionally potent next month, so hop on that wave and ride it to your advantage! I will be back for the first new moon of April, which will be on the 1st. Happy Equinox to all!

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